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About Wild Hunting Spain

In 2012, Pablo Carol founded International Wild Hunting, a business dedicated to organizing worldwide hunts and specializing in mountain hunting. Mountain, free-range and wild hunts are our passion, that is why we strive to keep our spirit wild! Wild Hunting Spain was born out of the realization that we could transfer our knowledge and expertise to offer our guests the best possible experience in the country we know best – our own!

The international mountain hunting experience we gained has been incredibly valuable when it comes to offering the best hunting in Spain with the most mountain hunt species in the world, and the only country where you’ll find four subspecies of Ibex. Additionally, you will get to hunt unique species that can only be found on the Iberian Peninsula, such as Iberian Mouflon or Pyrenean Chamois, with the expert knowledge of our team of local guides, including Oscar Columbia – our lead professional hunter. Come join us for the best hunting in Spain!

Premium Guided Hunting Trips in Spain

Ibex Hunting in Spain

Ibex hunting in Spain

Experience world-renowned Ibex hunting in Spain, the only country where you’ll find four subspecies of Ibex: Beceite, Ronda, Southeastern, and Gredod.

Iberian Mouflon Hunts

mouflon hunting in spain

Mouflon sheep are a species of wild sheep, native to Europe and Asia, known for their distinctive curved horns and agile, mountain-dwelling behavior.

Cantabrian Chamios

cantabrian chamios hunting in spain

Our region holds two species of Chamois: Pyrenean and Cantabrian. These mountain goats inhabit various high-altitude environments across Europe.

Auodad Hunts

aoudad hunting in Spain

The Barbary sheep, also known as Aoudad, live in Spain’s mountainous regions, offering a unique opportunity to pursue these hardy creatures.

Balearean Goat Hunts

BALEAREAN GOAT hunting in spain

Hunting Balearean goats in Spain is an adventure. These goats are known for their ridged horns that can grow to impressive lengths.

Pyrenean Chamios Hunts

pyrenean-chamois hunting in Spain

Our region holds two species of Chamois: Pyrenean and Cantabrian. These mountain goats inhabit various high-altitude environments across Europe.

Red Deer Hunts

red deer hunting in spain

Red Deer hunting in Spain is world-renowned.  The Red Deer are known for their large, elk-like antlers. 

European Roe Deer Hunts

roe deer hunting in spain

European Roe Deer hunting in Spain is a sought-after experience for hunters in Europe. Roe deer are stealthy, elusive, and graceful creatures.

Fallow Deer Hunts


Fallow deer are a fascinating species with distinctive physical characteristics, making them a prized target for hunters.

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Creating unforgettable memories in the heart of Spain.

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FAQ About Hunting in Spain

Spain offers a wide variety of game species, including Ibex (Beceite, Ronda, Southeastern, and Gredos), Chamios, Mouflon Sheep, Auodad, Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Balerean Goat, Red-legged Partridges, Boar, and Spanish wolf.  All of which can be hunted during their designated hunting season.

The hunting season in Spain varies by species and region. Typically, it runs from the fall to early spring, but specific dates depend on the game you’re targeting and the location.

You’ll need a specific hunting license for the region and species you plan to hunt. At Wild Hunting Spain, we take care of all the documentation needed to hunt in Spain. We are also involved in the shipping of trophies and necessary documentation from start to finish.

Yes, you can bring your firearms, but you’ll need to adhere to Spanish firearm regulations, including obtaining a temporary importation permit. You can also talk to us about using outfitter-owned firearms.

Yes, non-resident hunters are allowed to hunt in Spain, but they must comply with Spanish hunting regulations and obtain the necessary permits and licenses.

Hunts in Spain vary greatly in price, depending on which species you are talking about, and the size of the trophy you may harvest. Please contact us to learn more about our pricing.

At Wild Hunting Spain, we offer high-end lodging during your trip, including full board and all accommodations. 

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