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Prior to founding Wild Hunting Spain, in 2012, Pablo Carol founded International Wild Hunting, a business dedicated to organizing worldwide hunts and specializing in mountain hunting. Mountain, free range and wild hunts are our passion at Wild Hunting Spain, that is why we strive to keep our spirit wild! Wild Hunting Spain was born out of the realisation that they could transfer their knowledge and expertise to offer their guests the best possible experience in the country we know best–their own!

The international mountain hunting experience Pablo and his team have gained has proved incredibly valuable when it comes to offering the best hunts in a country with the most mountain hunt species in the world, and the only country where you’ll find four subspecies of Ibex. Additionally,  clients get to hunt unique species that can only be found on the Iberian Peninsula, such as Iberian Mouflon or Pyrenean Chamois, with the expert knowledge of Pablo’s team of local guides.


CEO & Founder at Wild Hunting Spain

“My international expeditions have allowed me to learn from the best. There are many different ways to hunt and understand hunting – every hunt is a lesson in itself, every hunt takes you that one step closer to mastering your skills and ultimately, making you a better professional.”


Oscar Columbia

COO & Hunting Guide at Wild Hunting Spain

Oscar Columbia, a seasoned hunting guide in Spain with an 11-year tenure, comes from a lineage deeply rooted in the tradition of hunting. Oscar’s early years were shaped by the presence of 24 loyal hunting dogs and his grandfather’s stewardship of a hunting property.  He distinctly recalls receiving his inaugural 410 shotgun at the age of 7, followed by his first .22 rifle at 12. Over the years, hunting Spain has not only been a passion but a source of enduring friendships.

Notably, Oscar’s path intersected with that of Pablo Carol some 15 years ago at the youth table of the Safari Club International (SCI) in Barcelona. At that time, Pablo was already harboring ambitions of establishing his outfitting company. Since then, Wild Hunting Spain was founded and Oscar has played a very important role at the outfit as a professional hunting guide and COO.

Oscar enjoys guiding clients on hunts of all the diverse species found in Spain, but his favorite species to guide is the European Roe Deer. Among the plethora of incredible hunts that he has experienced throughout his career, Oscar still recounts the days hunting with his dogs and excitedly calling his Grandpa to share hunting stories as some of his most memorable hunts! 

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ronda ibex hunting in spain

We offer premium guided hunting trips in Spain, which is the only country where you’ll find four subspecies of Ibex, known as the Beceite, Ronda, Southeastern, and Gredos. As well as the opportunity to hunt Chamois, Fallow deer, Roe deer, Red deer, Mouflon sheep, Aoudad, and Balearean Goat. 

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Fallow deer hunting in spain

A picture is worth a thousand words. View our comprehensive photo gallery to see all the incredible big-game animals our clients have hunted in Spain with us over the years. From picturesque scenery to trophy quality animals and big smiles – we hope to see you in Spain for the adventure of a lifetime!

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Hunting in Spain with Kendall Jones

Before you embark on your hunting adventure with us, we invite you to discover what our satisfied clients have to say about their unforgettable hunts in Spain. These testimonials reflect the quality of our services, the expertise of our guides, and the thrill of the hunt.

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