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FAllow Deer Hunt

About Fallow Deer Hunting in Spain

Experience the thrill of a fallow deer hunt in Spain, where these captivating creatures roam amidst the country’s diverse landscapes. The fallow deer, renowned for its distinctive coat, typically exhibits a brown hue adorned with striking white spots on the back and a notable black-tipped tail. As the seasons change, the Fallow Deer’s winter coat takes on a darker hue, adding to the allure of these elegant animals. The bucks carry the incredible antlers, characterized by their broad and shovel-like appearance, which increases in size with age. During the rutting season, a dramatic transformation unfolds as bucks assert their dominance, forming harems and engaging in intense battles. Fallow deer are primarily grazing animals, favoring the verdant habitats of mixed woodlands and open grasslands where they can forage. 

At Wild Hunting Spain, we extend an invitation to explore our fallow deer hunting packages, featuring competitive fallow deer hunting pricing. With our team of expert guides, extensive knowledge of the terrain, and unwavering commitment to ethical hunting practices, we ensure your fallow deer hunting experience in Spain is both memorable and sustainable

Fallow Deer Hunting Season

September through February is the best timeframe for a Fallow Deer Hunt, as this is when the deer are in their rutting season and are more active and visible. November to December is usually considered the peak of the fallow deer hunting season when the deer are in full rut, which means they are more active and vocal.

Spot and Stalk Hunting Style

Fallow deer are known to adapt to a range of environments. We typically hunt them in mountainous woodlands using Spot and Stalk style hunting. Be prepared to glass and hike.

Gear Needed for Fallow Deer Hunting

This is a mountain hunt. Come with a great pair of hiking boots, binoculars, rain gear, a backpack for personal items, food for the day, and ready to pack a Fallow Deer off the mountain! Wild hunting Spain provides rifles for clients. Shooting distances can be anywhere from 100-400 yards. 

After Your Hunt

After a successful Fallow Deer hunt in Spain, take some time to explore the vibrant country. We will give you all of our local recommendations and help you plan your entire trip!

Trophy Care for Fallow Deer

After you harvest your trophy, you can ensure it will be in the right hands. We take care of all the documentation needed to hunt in Spain and are also involved in the shipping of trophies and necessary documentation from start to finish.

Preservation and Sustainability

At Wild Hunting Spain, we are deeply committed to the preservation and sustainability of the beautiful species that call Spain home, including the Fallow Deer. By adhering to responsible hunting practices, we aim to maintain a delicate balance in the ecosystem, enabling future generations to enjoy the thrill of hunting while ensuring the deer populations thrive.


Starting at $4,000 our fallow deer hunting packages offer an affordable way to experience the thrill of hunting this prized species in the breathtaking landscapes of Spain.

All of our hunts at Wild Hunting Spain are free-range including our Fallow Deer Hunts.

At Wild Hunting Spain, we take pride in our excellent track record, boasting a 100% harvest success rate for Fallow Deer hunts. Our experienced guides and intimate knowledge of the terrain ensure that every hunt is a success.

No, you do not need to bring your own firearm. Wild Hunting Spain provides rifles for our clients, ensuring that you have the appropriate equipment for your hunt. However, if you prefer to bring your own weapon, we can facilitate the necessary documentation and permits required to bring a firearm into the country, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for you. Your comfort and preferences are our top priorities.

Everything from food, lodging, and transportation during the hunt. 

Make the Most of Your Fallow Deer Hunt

Explore the vibrant country of Spain after your hunt or add-on additional species to your hunt package!

Tourism & Sightseeing

Spain is a vibrant country with so much to see. We’d love to share our local recommendations with you including Spain’s artistic treasures and  culinary delights. 

Lodging & Accommodations

At Wild Hunting Spain we provide top-knotch accommodations including luxury lodging, traditional Spanish meals, drinks, and snacks. From arrival to departure, we’ve got you covered. 


The Fallow Deer Hunt is a favorite and is a memory you will want to remember forever. Through our video services you can get a professional film your Fallow Deer Hunt to capture a memory to last forever.

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