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Spanish Ibex Slam

Spanish ibex slam

What is the Spanish Ibex Slam?

Spain, a unique destination for Ibex Hunting is home to the world-renowned Spanish Ibex Slam. Spain holds the distinction of being the country with the highest diversity of huntable Ibex subspecies worldwide, boasting four of them within its borders. This remarkable fact makes Spain an exceptionally appealing hunting destination. Despite being a relatively compact nation, Spain stands out not only for its cultural richness and biodiversity but also for the unique opportunity to hunt all four Ibex subspecies in a single trip. This option provides hunters and their companions the chance to explore the extensive diversity of our country, delving into different customs, gastronomy, and cultures that characterize each region.

Hunting all four subspecies in one journey translates into an experience that goes beyond the hunt itself. It’s a journey that allows you to discover four entirely distinct landscapes, each with its own beauty and charm. From majestic mountains to picturesque plains, Spain’s geographical diversity makes each location unique. This unique journey not only represents the opportunity to hunt in varied environments but also to immerse oneself in the authenticity of our local traditions. Each region has its own identity, offering visitors the feeling of traveling through multiple countries in one expedition.

In summary, hunting the four Ibex subspecies in Spain is not only a unique hunting experience but also an immersion into the cultural, gastronomic, and geographical richness of our captivating country. 

At the conclusion of the hunt, participants receive an official diploma from the “APTCE” (Spanish Professional Hunters Association) along with a distinctive badge acknowledging their achievement. Furthermore, the association presents a prestigious “300 Award” to hunters who successfully accumulate 300 SCI points across the four Ibex species (Southeastern, Ronda, Gredos, and Beceite). This exceptional accomplishment is honored with a bronze award as a testament to their remarkable feat.

Spanish Ibex Slam Itinerary

Day 1. Arrival in Madrid and transfer to Gredos.
Day 2. Gredos Ibex Hunt.
Day 3. Ibex hunting in Gredos. If the hunt concludes early, we’ll explore nearby areas 
like Avila or Segovia.
Day 4.  Transfer to Ronda and a night visit to the illuminated city.
Day 5.  Hunting the Ibex of Ronda.
Day 6. Hunting the Ibex of Ronda, along with activities near the city such as wine or oil 
tasting and visits to see the bulls and Spanish horses breeders. 
Day 7. Transfer to the Southeastern Ibex area and relax.
Day 8. Southeastern Ibex hunting.
Day 9.  Southeastern Ibex hunt (Depending on success, optional visit to the city of 
Granada and a flamenco show).
Day 10. Transfer to Beceite (Dinner featuring a tasting of traditional dishes).
Day 11. Hunting the Ibex of Beceite.
Day 12.  Hunting Ibex of Beceite and transfer to Barcelona (Barcelona City Tour).
Day 13. Return from Barcelona airport.

Throughout the journey, our accommodations will be in enchanting places such as ancient palaces or medieval castles. Immerse yourself in Spanish culture with the finest Spanish gastronomy and wines. 

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